What We’re About

Every person has a need and a right to be heard. We’re fortunate to live in a time of unprecedented potential for global communication and collaboration. Through the Internet, social media, and the arts, we have the power to make our voices heard on a worldwide scale.

All One Voice, presented by PRCPTION Travel, is a project seeking to link cultures through global musical collaboration. Over the past few years, we’ve explored the project by sharing recordings of singers & musicians across the globe with producers who have turned those rough sketches into fully produced songs. From children in Jamaica, to traditional musicians in Nepal, to aspiring singers in Bulgaria, these raw recordings have blossomed into beautiful pieces of music. We are proud to have collaborated with locals who may never have been heard on a global level, sharing the voices and talents of the unheard part of our human family.

With your help, we humbly seek to continue this project into other corners of the globe. Your contributions not only give a voice to musicians in remote areas – they also help to guide the evolution of today’s music.

Learn more about PRCPTION Travel, Inc; a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

Latest Works

“With a smile for a compass, I follow my heart. I am the captain of my ship.”

“Kapitan” pairs Bulgarian singer Strela with American producer Styles in Black. The lyrics tell the story of a child who is the captain of a ship, bravely embarking for unknown lands to discover the unknown. Accompanied by a high-energy, exotic beat, this song encapsulates the spirit of All One Voice.


Inspired by the idea of creating productions from the raw talent of our friends around the world, our next goal is to create a full album featuring recordings from our travels.

Our goal is to integrate with local musicians and collectives to show everyone the power of expression.

We want to enrich the lives of everyone involved in this project – including you. With your help, All One Voice can truly become a conduit to connecting the world through the power of creativity.  By donating to PRCPTION Travel, you are supporting a nonprofit mission to give a voice to all people.

Check Out Dis!

“Check Out Dis” is the first song we put together to showcase this project. The song features vocals written & performed by students at Unity Primary School in Jamaica. Producer Styles in Black turned these recordings into a bass-heavy, reggae-inspired beat that has found appeal in the reggae community.